Monday, March 30, 2009

To choose or not to choose!!!

Now that the group was set, the six of us weer like peas and cakes all the time. We had to choose subjects of our interest for the first semester and for that we had to sit in all lectures and see whether there are any compatibility issue with the topic or the professor :D. So, for the first two weeks in IIT, it was nothing but confusion. It became a million dollar question - "To Choose or not to choose"!!! Let's see the experience we got in attending initial lectures of a few subjects.

Data Mining : Me and kaustubh set somewhere in the second last row, talking about all the stuffs in the univers except Data mining. Where we were able to figure out that this subject is all about English and Greek alphabets; Vinay, kedar and sachin seemed to somehow decode that it was a mining language which prof. was talking using these alphabets. Not only this, It later came to my realization that they even understood the meaning. :D :D :D. Sandeep...I think he bunked the very first lecture. ;) Anyways, that was the only Data Mining lecture I dared to attend.

SFML : "Statistical Foundations of Machine Learning" - Again me and kaustubh landed up reaching late in the class, sitting in the last row. As soon as the lecture started, me and kaustubh found a big compatibility issue with the professor and fell asleep. That's why I have no further memories of this subject. :)

FSVP : "Formal Specification and Verification of Programs" - Looking at the above two experiences, me and kaustubh decided to stick together in the lectures. So again we were sitting together somewhere at the back trying hard to concentrate in the middle of the noon on what was going on in the surroundings of that classroom. Subject looked fascinating (I prefered the word Fascinating over Interesting because we didn't understand for a single moment what the hell was written on the board, but it looked SCIENTIFIC!!! :D ) .

ITDBMS : "Implementation Techniques of DataBase Managment System" - Somehow, we all felt this subject to be from the same planet as compared to the alien subjects discussed above. It was in continution to the DBMS theory we all learnt in our Bachelor's. So, there was an instant relation established with the river of words coming out of prof's mouth. So, we all decided - "Let's finalize atleast this one". And so, our first subject was finalized.

Network Security : The subject was all cryptic and hidden. There were lots of attacks and spyings, encrypted messages and hackings, phishings and eavesdroppings - Some people felt we were talking about some World war II scenario. I found this subject really interesting as I had a good background of this subject. But, all others seemed to find this "Security" thing somehow less secure. So, they all backed out. But, still I managed to finalize my second subject.

Algorithms : Ahh!!! So, we all finally made peace with the subject hunt and the million dollar question was finally answered. This subject was unanimously elected king of all subjects. Fundoo Prof., Fundoo topics and Fundoo problems to solve. In short, the subject was "Lay Bhari!!!". And, so our trivia of subjects came to an end and after a hunt for 2 weeks and 20 + lectures, we all were able to finalize our subjects.


  1. This can safely be called a subset of the fundae session!!! :-)

    Good start.. it was quite entertaining to read this one...

  2. Good old days. :)
    I remember I had attended something as bizarre as Image Processing during those days. :D
    Not sure if you were with me.

  3. Ya somehow I saved myself from that :D