Monday, March 23, 2009

Meeting Kaustubh

Roaming around in the corridor, I landed up talking with a guy and came to know that he is actually one of my kind - MTech I, CSE. Oh! what a relief!!! I am not alone here. :) And guess what, He was a Maharashtrian too. What better could I expect. So, we started sharing.

His name was Kaustubh Nimkar - A not so tall, average built, smiling face hero from Pune. From the initial talk, I could estimate he was a balanced person, not too wild and not too dormant, had interest in Blogging :), loved sports like football, crazy about F-1 racing, and a "moderately" active personality (you will get to know why its specially mentioned MODERATELY ;-) ). He also had a good taste of music - a big fan of Pink Floyd and Indian Ocean. We shared quite similar interests.

We had a great time together that day, talking about all general stuffs, sipping coffee, sharing lives. And I felt finally I am not alone anymore.

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