Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Meeting Kedar and Sachin

In the initial meetings, Kaustubh mentioned that there are some more friends of our batch who have been alloted rooms in Hostel 7. I was happy, I could see the near future where I was in a gang of friends chilling out in the nights.
The next morning, me and kaustubh went to breakfast together and he introduced me to Kedar and Sachin, two more interesting characters of our storyline. I felt like - "Hey, the formation of the gang has begun!!!". Let's have an insight of these two characters.

KEDAR - another Puneri - I would describe his body in his own favorite phrase - "He jara Jastach Hotay" :D... He was a Heavy 12-Tyre Fully Loaded truck. Tall, Heavy built and tough looks. To be honest, at first sight, I was scared of this DON-type monument. But, only till we had a talk. While talking to him I came to know - "Is Bade Hathi ke daat khane ke aur, dikhane ke aur" - I mean he was not the kind of guy which his looks propose. He was calm and composed, affectionate towards marathi literature, a fan of typical Golden era old songs, and of course how can I forget it - an "Extremely Brother Crazy" human being - a rare characteristic in human species (You will gradually know its meaning). In short, I realized it would be fun hanging around with him. That's it about him, rest unfolds later. Let's move on to the next character.

SACHIN - an aamchi Mumbai "Fast" Local - As Kedar and Sachin were sitting together in front of me, I could compare them easily as "a 12-tyre Fully loaded truck standing on the road with a bicycle besides it" :D. Ya, Sachin was the other extreme in physical sense. Thin and taller (apparently making him look more thinner), typical family-loving, sensible, calm and carrying introvert expressions on face, spectacles to enhance the looks - in short a Sabhya, Sushil Mulga. He reveals quite a lot about his personality when he speaks. Intelligence, strongly backed up reasoning, encyclopediatic memory and extremist opinions. He was the living definition of CRAZY ABOUT CRICKET. He was an ideal candidate to have healthy information exchange with. He had some sort of inherent hidden infinite physical inertia inside him which made his body unstable in any situation - he would always be in a hurry. And of course, he was so homesick by nature that it can actually be called as a serious disease :D :D :D.

And thus, it eventually became - "1 se bhale 2, 2 se bhale 4" and we 4 were already involved in a bond with each other. Hey you all, keep the enthu alive.... two more profiles are yet to come... will be back with them very soon.


  1. You remember things as if they happened yesterday. :)
    Keep writing.

  2. start the story... :-) the curtain raiser has been going on for long...

    tera curtain kitna badaa hai...