Monday, March 23, 2009

First Meetings

okay....So its been like about 2 days now that I am living in IIT's hostel. It was 22nd of July, 2006. I was sitting in my room, experiencing doubled joy of FREE INTERNET and HEAVY RAINFALLS for the first time and I was wondering where are all my IITian friends because I couldn't spot a single person of MTech I, CSE in that hostel till then. Classes were scheduled to start from 25th, I still had 3 more days to do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING (Rare chance in IIT :D)....I was feeling lonely, very lonely. I was wondering around in the corridors of my hostel when I met the first soul of MY KIND - MTech I, CSE. Allow me to introduce the characters which now have become my lifelong friends... Let's begin the FIRST MEETINGS.

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