Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Lady of the Lake

My first day in IIT - "Abhijeet Padhye, MTech, CSE IIT Bombay"... Wow!!! a dream come true. I was so excited entering this new realms of where fortunes favor everyone. I came to know from the Hostel coordination unit that I have been allocated a room in Hostel 7. H7 - The Lady of the Lake - That's what my hostel was renowned as. An exotic natural place surrounded by waters of Powai Lake from 3 sides and having a life long access to the cool breeze from the lake. At the entrance was Hall Manager's office...I had to finish some paper processing there(as if checking in in a hotel). As I moved forward, a short "7" shaped corridor glazing in a filtered sunlight passing through the green plastic covers over it, warmly welcomed me. As I walked through the corridor, I saw the serene beauty of the lake just touching the turning edge of the corridor and I thought - "Wah!!! Yaha rahne me maza aayega".

As I turned through the edge, I saw the same corridor go endlessly with so called "Wings" of the hostel splitting from it like branches of a tree. I was wondering which branch of this beautiful tree am I going to be a part of. And with these thoughts, I continued walking past the corridor weaving thoughts about how my "own" room would be. Its a great feeling thinking you would be the owner of a room. You can keep it the way you want, decorate it, arrange it, do whatever you want, live the way you like - its like owning your first Property. :) Anyways, I was allocated Room No. 69... which in fact turned out to be the very first room as one walks through that corridor into the wings. As I opened the room, I felt like opening the door of a completely different world inside that small space confined by 4 walls, containing a bed, a chair and a table and full of emptiness. I brought all my luggage inside my room, laid down on bed looking through the window at the reflection of the sun shining in the wavey water of the lake thinking how my next 3 years would be at IIT and what kind of friends would I meet here - and I closed my eyes and slipped away into the dreamy world of sleep..... WELCOME TO H7- THE LADY OF THE LAKE.


  1. Really looking forward to how the story of Abhijit Padhye unfolds itself in the form of these six people. How a person's life gets intertwined with five others.

    I personally am looking forward to some 'five point someone' magic..

    All the best..

  2. Thanks Aadi. Lets hope for the best. :)

  3. Hi Abhijeet,
    hey u narrate things well, its interesting reading your blogs... :)