Friday, March 27, 2009

Meeting Vinay and Sandeep

As we had now had a group to be with, that day we all did hang around together in the hostel all the time. It was all fun. The next day, 24th of July - still one more day of timepass before commencment of classes and to sit ideal and enjoy the Mumbai rains. That day, when we all went together to mess for lunch, I met Sandeep.

Sandeep - I would call him a man with a systematically disorganized mind :-) - He was also from Pune but his hometown was Sangali. Tall, well built, sporty personality, fair color, and carrying a smile of 3 year old kid on his face. He was a really interesting person to talk to - sometimes he used to sit and talk nothing like a shy person and suddenly the next moment he would realize "oh yes!!! I can talk!!!" and he would just start talking on and on. His talks revealed that he would easily get confused or forget things - and believe me, his "forgetting things" was a Guiness World Record in itself - simply unmatchable. He was a sports loving personality, always ready to play, kept keen interest in footer and got bored of cricket. He had very "unique doubts" about cricket which Sachin might be able to relate well. At the first meeting, I never knew this person would become the unanimously voted king of our group - SAHEB.

So, the five of us passed the day in usual activities - sleeping, setting room, surfing net, meeting at dinner, talking and sharing. And finally, that night we slept peacefully for the last time in IIT - The next day, LECTURES OFFICIALLY COMMENCED. We had to choose subjects of our interest so as to sit in only those classes and to find out where our interest lies, we had no choice but to attend all classes. Funny, Ain't it!!! :) I remember, the first class was scheduled at 8:30 AM in the morning and I found it very very hard to wake up for that. Somehow, I managed to land up with kedar, kaustubh and sachin sitting in the first lecture at IIT - that was where I met Vinay.

Vinay - Vinay = Khadadi - this was the only relation I could formulate sitting in that class looking at him. It was easy, his body said it all. :) Tall, well built but exceeded limits at some body portions especially stomach. His tummy was a nice punching bag to practice. After the lecture, we all met vinay. I apparantely came to know that vinay was also from Pune and Vinay, kedar and kaustubh shared the same UG College there. Surprisingly, Kaustubh turned out to be there Senior :D. While I was talking to vinay, I realized I am talking to a container of CNI (Compressed Natural Intelligence). His academic record showed that he must be a book worm, but his behaviour was much like a last bencher dare devil. He was all about sheer intelligence and ofcourse Food. He shared a similar interest in cricket as Sachin. They talked a lot about cricket at their first meeting. Vinay was not easy to analyze in one meeting. Rest of vinay unfolds gradually.

The Curtain is up, the Plot is set, the characters introduced - Allow me to present to you the Journey of my life at IIT - H7@IITB.

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