Thursday, April 2, 2009

Is he in H6 or H7???

Out of the six of us, only vinay was allocated Hostel 6. Rest of us were together in Hostel 7. Initially, he found it quite difficult to be in sync with our plans and couldn't hang around much with us. He felt quite lonely there as the only one left out of the group living in a separate hostel. Then, as the bonds of friendship gradually strengthened, he gradually sorted out a way out of his loneliness and somehow managed to sync with our rountines at hostel 7.... And it was then, Vinay's unofficial transfer process from H6 to H7 began. He started spending more time at our hostel, used to stay all day at rooms of one of us. We studied together, played together and partied together. He even used to eat all his meals with us at our mess (Which was illeagal in a way :P) rather than eating alone at his hostel's mess. He was so regular at our mess that even the mess workers took if for granted that he is a hostel 7 inmate :D. People got so used to seeing him in hostel 7, they actually asked doubts about whether he is allocated Hostel6 or Hostel 7!!! Soon the time came when only at the peak hour of midnight, he used to realize that he has a room in hostel 6 where he should go and sleep comfortably (He even sometimes skipped that and slept at our rooms :P). And so, vinay was soon declared "a visually confirmed" hostel 7 inmate while Room no. 21, Hostel 6 kept waiting in darkness for his owner to reside.

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