Sunday, April 5, 2009

The one with all the Carrom

It had been about a month that we all were in IIT. It took a while to adjust with the system here. The lectures, the profs, the schedule, the night outs, assignments, quizzes and all those student life nightmares. We also utilized this 1 month period to adjust with each other as a group of friends - to understand each others' likes and dislikes, interests, fav sports etc. But we never got a chance to do something sporty as a group because of all the inital load (Courtsey IIT B).

One day we all were sitting together in my room doing some Algorithm problems. It had been around 2 and a 1/2 hrs straight that we were dealing with this algo thing (Enough dose to make a mature human being MAD :D). All our brains had fallen out of frustration. It was Tiffin time; we all decided to take a break from studies and get out of this "Greedy" and "Dynamic" nautia. We all went to mess, ate hearty and then went to TV room to relax a bit. Suddenly from nowhere, Sandeep came up with a brilliant idea - "Hey!!! Why not try playing Carrom for a while?" Oh yes!!! We all liked that idea instantaneously. Sandeep hurriedly went to the security to issue to carrom discs but alas!!! Security was on a regular vigilance round of hostel. We all thought it would be late till the security returns and were about to drop the idea alltogether. But, this idea was so deep into sandeep's mind, he refused to give up. He scanned the whole hostel like a search party, brought the security with him, issued the material and showed so much enthu that we all again counted in on playing. So, finally we all sat to play a game of carrom.

Now the question was which 4 out of the 6 of us are going to play first. Vinay and Sachin luckily dropped out voluntarily as some Cricket match was going on and it was something really precious to them. So, me, kedar, kaustubh and sandeep started playing the game. It was around 5:00 that we started. We were so involved in the game with every one of us exploring hard the carrom player within, we discarded the complete concept of "Time Never Stops" from our minds. As vinay and sachin were also busy in the cricket match, there was no stopwatch around us to make us realize that we should stop playing now. So, we went on and on and on...for more than 2 and a 1/2 hrs when finally Vinay and sachin came to interfere because the first innings of the match had ended. Suddenly from nowhere, it striked to us that its almost 8 PM and we are playing for like 3 hrs straight. So, we decided to record the Game progress and halt playing right away. All agreed to continue the same game next time we sit. No one knew that time would come way too soon than expected.

We winded up the game, returned the disc set to security and went straight to mess. At the dinner table, Everyone of us was excited about today evening. The 4 of us for the carrom game and the rest 2 for their cricket match. So, we started sharing all the funny and memorable moments that had occured in the past few hrs in carrom and cricket. Vinay and sachin shared some magnificant straight drives, unique cut shots, brilliant wickets and extraordinary catches. We, on the other hand, had our own magnificant Straights, Cuts and world's most unique carrom shots to laugh on. It was so much fun sharing these moments that our enthu of enjoying life at IIT apart from studies, reached a monsterous height of Mt. Everest and then there was no coming down.

We hurriedly swept through our dinner plates, washed our hands, issued the carrom disc set and within no time, the four of us were back to our game while vinay and sachin were back to their match's second inning. There was a silent approval from everybody's side that there won't be any further study tonight. Sandeep couln't recover the previous state of game from his brain's database, hence it took us a while to kick start with the game. So, we again confined ourselves within the four corners of carrom and started playing. It took us about 30 - 35 mins to finish the previous game. But, things didn't stop here at all. The losing team was now replaced by the one reserved team watching the match and waiting anxiously for their turn at the discs. So, now it was a new game with 2 new players and I was quite sure it would take us past midnight to finish this game.

And it actually did cross the midnight barrier by a large distance. It took us all about 3 AM to finally give up with the idea of playing more carrom because some of us had lectures in the morning slot. So, we packed the disc set and gave a final satisfactory look to the now empty carrom board where we discovered a new face of each other - the face of enjoyment. We returned the set to the security and receded back to our rooms to go to sleep where in our dreams, ANOTHER GAME OF CARROM WAS WAITING FOR PLAYERS TO BEGIN...

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